Quixotic, idealistic, but sane.

Well, sort of sane, anyway...

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Random facts about me:
I love giving massages; I combine them with energy work.
I also love to dance.
I will start conversations with almost anyone, and try to connect, even temporarily, with strangers.
I’m not as open as I want to be, but I am in a state of growing now, which can be painful yet is slowly building speed. I will spread my wings!
I’m a flaming liberal on many subjects – feminist, environmentalist, animal rights, gay rights, legalized drugs... I’m a part libertarian, a sporadic activist, a Zionist, and I like to know what’s happening in the world.
I’m becoming increasingly spiritual. This is definitely a Work in Progress.
I believe a life of passion (not limited to the sexual kind) is a good life; I hope to like what I see in the mirror in the morning, and if I do then life isn’t so bad at all.
This is the first time I share myself online with others, and I hope you like what you see :)
I don't post much, and many of my posts are friends-only, but I've recently returned to LJ and hope to keep tabs on some wonderful people here, including - you?


Dance your anger
and your joy
dance the guns to silence.
Dance, dance, dance...
(Ken Saro Wiwa)
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